Every form of communication is all about nailing the proper messaging. How a person reacts to a message is all tied into how it’s conveyed to them in the first place.

A common example of good messaging is the Good News/Bad News concept.

When asked whether they’d prefer to receive good news or bad news first, most people tend to prefer to receive the bad news. When bad news is doled out first, it gets it out of the way. When the good news comes around, you’re left on a high note and the bad news doesn’t seem as bad anymore. Had the information been flipped however, you might have ended up dwelling on the bad news.

Want to really make your marketing more effective? Start applying better messaging habits. Here’s a few ways how.

Messaging goes beyond words

Delivering the right message means understanding more than how a message is worded. Getting the right impact with your customer can even be tied into how a message sounds.

Imagine for a moment that someone asks you: “How can I help you today?”

Depending on how the phrase is said, it can have a different emotional impact. If the question is asked in a plain, unemotional tone of voice, your first instinct might be that whoever’s asking the question isn’t really interested in helping you today. Conversely, if the tone of the question is happy, light, and interested, then you’ll have a better reaction to it.

On top of that, body language is important to take into account for any interaction. Expression, posture, and eye contact are all factors that people notice when receiving a message. This applies to every aspect of your brand – whether it’s how your employees greet customers or how the people look in your marketing material (ads, website imagery, etc.).

Getting creative

Recently I was signing up for a loyalty program – Sony Rewards – when I noticed that they were doing something extremely creative. I had entered all of my information and signed up successfully, but I wasn’t done giving them information. They were asking me what my interests were, what kind of movies I liked, what sort of music I was into, and more. I was answering gladly.

Now why would I do that? I was essentially filling out a survey. I was giving them valuable data that they could use for marketing purposes. The reason I was so willing to fill out so much was because of the way their messaging was phrased. Their messaging implied that I was personalizing my rewards experience. Filling out this survey was to my benefit.

That’s creative messaging at play. When your messaging is creatively positioned, you can influence the way customers feel about certain experiences.

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What has your business done to improve its marketing message? Sound off in the comments!