Modern analytics are crucial to keeping customers loyal and engaged with your brand. In 2018, your business needs to be plugged into what makes your customers tick.

With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art marketing service, you’ll start learning about your customers affordably and digitally. Our service leverages in-store WiFi to discover your business’s core demographics, revealing crucial customer data. Because guests log in to your in-store HotSpot via Facebook, Email, or Phone Number, we’ll produces a full customer profile for every login. We’ll reveal the data behind your most frequent and active customers. We even link you up with your customers’ social media, so that you can examine their Likes, Interests, and more.

Want to learn how customer loyalty analytics can help your business thrive? Head over to HubSpot at the link below.

5 Ways Customer Loyalty Analytics Can Help Grow Your Business

For your viewing convenience, here’s all 5 ways.

  1. Calculate Your Customer Retention Rate
  2. Understanding Your Customers’ Needs
  3. Prepare a Customer Segmentation Analysis Report
  4. Measure Your Customer Loyalty
  5. Monitor Customer Reactions with Promotions and Product Recommendations

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