There are two different types of restaurant guests. There are customers who will pop in, order their meal, and maybe come back again someday. And then there are the customers who practically ritualize coming to your restaurant. They order appetizers, drinks, and go the full nine yards. They come to your events. They live and breathe your Happy Hour. These are your ideal customers.

Why? It’s because they’re engaged.

Keeping your restaurant customers engaged is one of the most sure-fire ways to create valuable, repeat customers. Customer engagement isn’t just about getting customers to come back over and over again. It’s about getting them more involved with your brand – and ultimately spending more.

Read ahead to learn how you can boost your restaurant’s guest engagement.

Integrate social media

Leveraging your social media platforms is ideal for boosting customer engagement. Social media is where you’ll forge a relationship with your most valuable customers. It’s also how you’ll turn new fans into long-time devotees.

It’s practically essential to promote your social media in-store. No matter how much of a positive outlook the customer has on your restaurant, the seeds still need to be planted in order to turn them into a follower.

One big benefit of turning to social media is feedback. A large part of improving your restaurant’s guest engagement is tied into how you handle guest feedback, and there’s a lot of it to be found on social media. Responding to comments and concerns is an excellent way to cultivate an engaged base. At the same time, you’re provided with valuable feedback to improve upon in the future.

Website optimization

The importance of having a well-optimized website can’t be understated. Outside of social media, it’s your most prominent form of digital engagement.

One of the most critical factors to consider when optimizing your website is to think with mobile in mind. Remember that most people will search for your website while using a mobile device.

An easy way to check if your website is up to snuff? Just load it up on your phone (or tablet) and take a look. Ensure that your hours, menus, social media, locations, and any other pertinent information are all readily accessible to the mobile user.

Go digital, go mobile

Take your guest engagement to the mobile level. Customers just can’t stop staring at their phones. And leveraging the power of mobile is one of the most effective ways to engage your customers – whether that be in-store or out.

How? By using a digital marketing solution like CoGoBuzz.

Boost Engagement With CoGoBuzz

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