A successful restaurant is always examining the latest trends, and determining which are the right fit.

As it so happens, according to Foodable, one of the biggest restaurant trends in 2018 is Loyalty Program Apps. With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art marketing service, we deliver the fully digital Loyalty Program experience that your restaurant deserves. Our affordable solution uses WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to bring customers into your loyalty program, delivering powerful mobile engagement to keep them coming back for more. With CoGoBuzz, we simplify customer engagement down to a text message.

To check out the rest of Foodable’s top trends, check out the link below.

Top Bar and Restaurant Trends in 2018

To recap, here’s all of Foodable’s trends.

  • Locally Grown Produce
  • Loyalty Program Apps
  • Craft Brews and Artisan Beverages
  • Handmade Atmosphere

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