Loyalty Programs, in their very nature, are designed to keep customers focused on your business. It’s literally in the name: loyalty.

Loyalty programs have a lot of wonderful benefits. They’re a great way to reward and engage with your most active customers. However, the best programs leverage loyalty to encourage consistent, repeat customer spending.

Here’s four ways your loyalty program can keep your customers spending money on your business.


Keep the carrot on the stick

Effective loyalty programs work because they incentivize customers with rewards for consistent spending. There’s always the carrot-on-the-stick promise of “just one more reward.”

You can accomplish this by having a well-thought out reward system that includes a series of consecutive rewards based on levels of spending. When the promise of an additional reward is on the line, customers will find themselves buying more than they actually need or want, just because of the potential reward.


Try introducing tiers

Customers love working towards a specific goal. There’s a sense of achievement that people just can’t get enough of. One of the top ways to utilize that within your loyalty program is to integrate a tier system.

A tier system operates as a specific status that customers obtain after doing things like making a set number of purchases or gaining a specific number of points. Not only should the promise of an elevated tier alluring from a status perspective (these are your loyal customers after all), but it should also entice with a bigger set of rewards.

When it comes to naming your tiers, they can be named after whatever you like. They can be themed after your business, or they can be generic titles as simple as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and so on.


Stay consistent

Making sure customers become recurring spenders isn’t just tied into the quality of your loyalty program. It’s tied into how your loyalty program can reward on a consistent basis.

For example, having a “Reward of the Week” can motivate loyalty members to make purchases from week-to-week. It should be especially effective because it introduces a limited time aspect to the reward. The customer has to spend now, rather than later, if the reward is something that they just have to have (or even just might want, because this is their final and only opportunity).


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