Content marketing entails the art of building quality connections between business and customer. These relationships are forged not entirely from a product perspective, but from a relationship standpoint.

The free exchange of content, through social media, email, and other digital platforms, engages the customer more altruistically. Content marketing benefits the customer. Whether it’s through a “How To” blog or an entertaining video, the content being shared is not there to push a sale, it’s there to substantiate a long-lasting and healthy customer relationship.

Which, of course, eventually leads to more sales. (That’s why content marketing is worthwhile!)

As you might already know though, content marketing can be a challenge. It requires creative stimulus, a varying degree of financial investment, and time.

Let’s make the process a little easier. Read ahead to learn how you can improve your business’s content marketing.

Look at your industry

To start with, one of the most critical components of creating a successful content marketing plan is to examine the industry your business operates within. The type of content that your business decides to output will obviously be quite different depending on what your business does.

Look at your competitors. See what they’re doing. Try to determine what’s working and what isn’t. A key factor to look at when gauging the effectiveness of content marketing, is to take a look at what content is garnering the highest engagement. We’re talking comments, likes, shares, Retweets, etc.

Get acquainted with the right content

To get an idea of common content to work with, here’s a quick list. Again, pick the content that you think best fits your business, and most importantly, your audience.

  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Video (Facebook, YouTube, you name it)
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Instruction guides

Get Creative

The only limit to the breadth of content your business can output is purely the extent of your imagination (or your employees).

Strapped for staff? Time? There are a ton of easy ways to pump content out quick. One effective way to increase your output is to reuse older content in new ways. Have an old article from last year? Update it for 2018! Even if you make only the very slightest of changes, it doesn’t hurt to give new life to old content.

A few extra tips

  • Leverage social media to deliver content effectively. Don’t just share content
  • Have a plan. Set up a calendar in advance. Set dates and times for what content is going up and when.
  • Think with SEO in mind. Headlines and video titles should be tailored to discoverability. Google Trends is a useful tool for getting in touch with what people are searching for.

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What kind of content does your business output? Sound off in the comments!