Experiencing low breakfast sales? Is the morning daypart a bit of an afterthought in your restaurant? Or maybe you don’t serve breakfast at all – but you’re currently exploring the opportunity.

Either way, this article is for you. Today, we’re going to be delving into breakfast, and how your restaurant can start increasing those morning profits. Let’s take a look.


Who are your breakfast customers?

According to David Portalatin, vice president of the NPD and food industry analyst, “The best way to tap into the breakfast and morning snack opportunities is to first understand what the consumers’ motivations, needs, and wants are based on demographics, life stage, and situation and let this knowledge guide your decision-making.”

Indeed, breakfast is a growing prospect. Addressing the who, what, where, when, and why will be a vital part of optimizing your restaurant’s breakfast.


Diversify your offerings

Whether your restaurant is a quick service or sit-down place, breakfast means different things to different people.

On most mornings (Monday through Friday), the work crowd is up and trying to get to the office on time. If they’re coming in to your restaurant, chances are they only have a little bit of time to spare. You can tailor to these people by offering ready-made offerings and takeout service, in addition to your sit-down services. Keep your food hot and fresh to remain a popular option.


Build awareness

Sometimes, the biggest thing standing in the way of building a successful breakfast daypart is a lack of awareness.

Here’s a couple of suggestions for boosting awareness.

All-Day Breakfast

One way to build awareness (and profits) is by serving breakfast even after the morning ends. It’s not necessarily practical for every restaurant to do, but it’s become increasingly popular over the years, and it puts the focus on your breakfast menu throughout the entire day.

Sunday Brunch

A good way to reel customers in is to promote a special Sunday Brunch.

How does this work? It gets customers into your restaurant, and it gets them trying your breakfast food (possibly for the first time). If all goes well, they’ll remember that your breakfast food is actually pretty good, so that next time they’re out hunting for breakfast, your restaurant will be on their mind.


A few extra tips…

  • Stay consistent. Many customers will come to your restaurant every day, expecting the same exact breakfast. Feed their habit.
  • Have a loyalty program? Offer a free breakfast item as a reward. This incentivizes customers to come in and check out your breakfast.
  • Be speedy. Morning customers are ready to eat. You don’t want to keep them waiting too long.


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What has your restaurant done to boost breakfast sales? Sound off in the comments!