Every restaurant needs a Facebook page.

Many customers, rather than flock to your website to check out your menu, find your hours, and see when you’re open, find it easier to connect with you via Facebook.

In fact, according to a report from M Booth and Beyond, almost half of people (49%), use Facebook as a means to search for restaurants. That means that arguably, your Facebook page could be equally as important as your website! Sounds like something you might want to put at least a little effort into, right?

I’ve seen plenty of great restaurants with surprisingly below-par Facebook pages. You don’t want to be one of them. It’s not hard at all to maintain a quality Facebook page.

Today, we’re going to be looking specifically at how you can keep your restaurant’s Facebook presence up to snuff. Let’s dive in.


Cover all the bases

Making sure your Facebook page features all the basics that customers expect is essential. Here’s a quick checklist of things to make sure your restaurant’s Facebook page has laid out.

  • Phone number
  • Operating hours
  • Location
  • Website URL
  • Price range
  • Menu
  • Appealing profile picture and cover photo (Hopefully you have a few appetizing images laying around)
  • About section describing your restaurant


Quality beats quantity

No matter how much someone is a fan of your restaurant, nobody wants their Facebook feed to be flooded by posts from the same place. It just gets to be too much at a certain point, and you may even risk customers unfollowing you. It’s better to have less posts of a higher quality, than more posts that are there just for the sake of it.

Having too many posts can often dilute the amount of engagement you’ll get as well. Research from Buddy Media indicates that pages who post once or twice a day get 32% more likes and 73% more comments than pages posting 3 (or more) times per day.


Always interact

Whether it’s a question, a complaint, or a compliment, it is in your best interest to stay actively engaged with your restaurant’s Facebook fans. A simple acknowledgement when any customer leaves a comment will go a long way. They will remember that you responded, and it might even make their day. Honestly!

What’s important to remember when engaging with fans? Be friendly. Exhibit transparency. And most importantly, always be respectful. Even if the comments aren’t being so kind to you. It’ll pay off in the long run.


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Tell us about your restaurant’s Facebook page! Sound off in the comments!