Complaints happen. It’s an unavoidable fact of doing business. There’s no way to ensure ahead of time that 100% of customers will end up happy.

However, complaints don’t have to be a sore spot for your business. Listening to your customers’ complaint is actually a great way to develop loyalty.

With CoGoBuzz, we’ve devised a way to digitally create loyalty – Automatically.

Through state-of-the-art WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, CoGoBuzz incentivize customers to return to your business. Our service creates a digital dialogue between business and consumer by connecting directly to mobile devices.

Because customers login to your HotSpot with their Facebook profile, email, or phone number, we’ll give you access to fully realized customer profiles for every single login. To top that off, CoGoBuzz features a completely digital SMS-based loyalty program. We simplify engagement down to a simple text message, letting you gain feedback from your customers easily and intuitively!

Want to learn more about building customer loyalty out of complaint? Head over to HubSpot at the link below!

How to Handle Customer Complaints to Build Greater Loyalty

  • The article offers this key point of advice: “Stated differently, customer problems are opportunities in disguise.”
  • The author suggests that true loyalty is derived “from consistently delivering on your value proposition.” He goes on to state that resolving problems from inevitable inconsistencies builds trust, which in-turn, develops loyalty.
  • In one study, conducted by the author, he found that customers whose problems were handled “satisfactorily” by customer service, spent even more than customers who reported no issues at all.

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