One of the defining characteristics behind Gen Z is that it is the first generation be entirely encompassed by those who have no cognizant memory of a time before the Internet. Computers, smartphones, and social media are second-nature to Gen Z; innate components of their day-to-day livelihoods.

As a business, attracting Gen Z becomes more appealing by the year. As the generation ages, their purchasing power continues to become more relevant.

The question remains, what can your business do?

Enter CoGoBuzz. With our state-of-the-art, digital marketing service, attracting Gen Z to your brand becomes simple. CoGoBuzz leverages WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to promote your business directly to your customers’ mobile devices, exactly where Gen Z lives and breathes. Our services hooks you up with automatic social media followers, more repeat customers, and even a totally digital text-based loyalty program. With our solutions, engaging Gen Z with your brand is a cakewalk.

Interested in learning more on how your brand can better engage with Gen Z? At the link below, head over to Forbes to check out five ways your brand can engage Gen Z on social media.

5 Ways Brands Can Engage Gen Z On Social Media

For your viewing convenience, here’s all five ways below.

  1. Gen Z cares about social responsibility.
  2. Give them something, or someone, to engage with.
  3. Build social media profiles that they’ll actually want to follow.
  4. Know what screen you are marketing to (it should be a smartphone).
  5. If you want to engage them, celebrate them.

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