Content marketing is a highly effective way to promote your business from a more creative, customer-relationship perspective. For restaurants, content marketing provides a lot of unique food-focused opportunities.

With CoGoBuzz, we hook your restaurant up with a ton of awesome ways to promote digital content PLUS we make it easier. Our service gets you more Facebook followers automatically, giving you a larger platform to promote your content. On top of that, we create customer profiles for every single login to your in-restaurant HotSpot. Get all the essential data you need to build highly-targeted content!

At the link below, head over to Fast Casual to check out a list of content marketing ideas that your restaurant can take advantage of.

7 Best content marketing ideas for restaurant owners

For your viewing convenience, here’s all seven ideas.

  1. Tell a story
  2. Work with influencers
  3. Film educational videos
  4. Write a blog
  5. Publish a menu
  6. Post on social media
  7. Tell them about upcoming events

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