You’re probably familiar with National Days. They’re those unusual holidays that you’ll occasionally hear about from friends and family – commonly through a social media post that includes an appropriate picture for the day.

These days include many somewhat sensible celebrations such as National Shrimp Day or National Cat Day. However, some days are far more outlandishly random. Take for example, National Middle Child Day or National Secondhand Wardrobe Day; real days that make you wonder how exactly they becomes recognized in the first place!

When it comes down to it, National Days are all in good fun. And they’re an awesome element to include in multiple elements of your business’s marketing. Let’s take a look at how your business can get started using these peculiar days.

Decide which days are right for your business

There are hundreds of wildly diverse National Days to select from. For many dates, there are actually multiple per day, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. Determining which National Days are the most appropriate for your business comes down to a few factors.

One of the first question you’ll have to ask yourself: How can you leverage this day for marketing purposes? Some days may be better used for fun social media posts designed to increase engagement. Others might work for a special one-day sale.

On the other hand, you’ll also have to decide if you should even bother using certain days. Depending on your business, some days just might not be a good fit.

Check each day’s relevance

Any time you ever consider using a day for marketing, it’s a good idea to do a little background research into that specific day. Google it. Search for Facebook posts. See what people are saying, and try to determine how popular it is. Some days gain more traction than others.

One of my favorite ways to check a National Day’s relevance is through Twitter. To check, find the “Search Twitter” bar and enter in the National Day you’re thinking about using. Even if the day is still weeks or even months away, you can view the general volume of posts from the previous year.

Where do I find National Days?

Easy! National Day Calendar is an excellent resource. Check out their website here. (All of the National Days listed above can be found there!)

National Day Calendar features more than just National Days. For each month, they have a full list of National Days, National Week Observances, National Month Observances, and International Days.

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Have you ever used National Days in your marketing? Let us know in the comments!