Alcohol is an inherent part of the dining experience. However, it’s not traditionally available (or even feasible) at all fast casual restaurants.

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What are some things to consider in determining whether alcohol is the right choice for your fast casual restaurant? Head to QSR Magazine at the link below to find out!

Is Alcohol Worth the Price for Fast Casuals?

Here’s a quick recap of a few of the article’s main points.

  • Offering alcohol is a good way to separate yourself from competitors
  • Limited-service restaurants may have a tough time determining the upfront cost.
  • To reduce waste and build the experience, restaurants are using machines.
  • Liquor licenses vary by state and location. It may be down to price.
  • When adding in a bar, training new staff can be difficult.
  • With the proper fit, adding alcohol can have an excellent return on investment.

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