Communication is an important part of any relationship. Keeping your business digitally connected should be a natural extension of how it communicates in 2018.

In fact, providing effective digital communication should be one of the core tenets of your business’s modern marketing plan.

When it comes to even local businesses, there’s no excuse to not stay engaged with your audience on the digital level. Customers downright expect it. And they’ll be delighted when you’re doing it exceptionally.

Here’s five ways your business can excel at digital communication.

Keep your website updated

Start by keeping your website as up-to-date as possible. You can highlight weekly specials, updates, sales, and more. Keep a calendar with events, and make everything easily accessible. Having a “News” tab with updates can help you better engage your audience.

Social media updates

A natural extension of keeping your website updated, blasting out social media updates is important too. Keeping your fans up to date on relevant news is precisely why they’re following you in the first place. A lot of the information you might post to your website will have crossover potential to social media. In fact, you may even just wind up building social media posts around previously existing website content.

Email and Texting

According to a survey conducted by West, 82% of customers prefer to be contacted by email for notification purposes. As far as providing updates go, email is still the standard.

At the same time, texting is becoming a big deal too. 49% of customers said they want text notifications. Text notifications are fast, convenient, and most importantly, they’re almost always seen by the recipient. Text marketing is great for engagement purposes.

Constant communication isn’t always good communication

A relationship between business and customer is much like any relationship between two people. Imagine having a friend that is constantly texting you, emailing you, and posting social media updates. Eventually, you’re going to get burnt out on hearing from them. They might be your friend, but seriously, enough is enough!

According to West’s survey, high frequency of brand communication was cited as the reason for opting out by 45% of customers.

Excel Digitally With CoGoBuzz

CoGoBuzz, our incredible digital marketing service, gives you the tools you need to leverage multiple digital platforms for state-of-the-art engagement. Our intuitive service improves your digital communication both affordably and digitally.

Leveraging in-store WiFi, CoGoBuzz empowers your customer network by discovering, and connecting with, your core demographics. We do this by producing a full customer profile for every login that occurs. On top of that, CoGoBuzz builds your Facebook audience – getting you more followers automatically.

Like SMS and Email? CoGoBuzz covers those too. Our service comes packed with an advanced text-based loyalty program. We also integrate those valuable customer profiles with your CRM/Email Marketing account of choice.

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How does your business manage digital communication? Talk about it in the comments!