More often than not, people make their purchasing decisions based on emotion. The urge to buy a product, or even to feel a certain way about a brand – those feelings are tied to emotional impact.

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So, what emotions are brands using to get people to make purchasing decisions? For a breakdown of each emotion, along with examples for each, head over to HubSpot at the link below.

Emotional Advertising: How Brands Use Feelings to Get People to Buy

Here’s a quick recap of the article for your viewing convenience.

  1. Happy – HubSpot cites a New York Times study claiming that positive articles were shared more than negative ones.
  2. Sad – The ads featured in the article couple sadness with inspiration.
  3. Afraid/Surprised – A riskier take on advertising, fear creates a sense of urgency. It’s not for every brand.
  4. Angry/Disgusted – HubSpot cites a study from the Harvard Business Review, based on popular images hosted on, that found that images with a negative component were more likely to go viral when surprise and anticipation were part of the image.

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