What separates an engaged customer from a normal customer? Well, a normal customer probably does business with you out of necessity when they need something. They might have positive feelings toward your brand too. But they’re not necessarily engaged with your brand.

An engaged customer is involved with your business and brand on a much deeper level. They follow you on social media, check your website for the latest news and deals, and they’re part of your loyalty program. They know if your business is involved in the community or does some form of social outreach. These customers are ready to sing the praises of your brand.

Obviously, fostering an engaged customer base has many benefits. Not only do these customers spend more money with you, they’re also the best brand ambassadors you can find. Here’s seven tips for creating a more engaged audience.

  1. Try holding an event. There are all kinds of events that you can go for, depending on the nature of your business. An event is the ideal place to interact with customers in a less formal setting.
  2. One of the most sure-fire ways to gain some positive buzz is to focus on community outreach. For example, you might consider holding a fundraiser or a charity auction. Getting involved with the community is a great way to show that your business cares.
  3. Keep your website updated on a consistent basis. You don’t need a weekly ad to show off your deals for the week. Put them on your website! Show off your latest news, whether that includes pictures from your events, announcements, and so on.
  4. Optimize your website for mobile. These days, a pretty large amount of website traffic comes from the mobile front, whether that be through smartphone or tablet. There’s nothing that deters engagement quite like a poorly functioning mobile website.
  5. Another mobile tip: Try investing in a text-based loyalty program. Preferably an affordable option like CoGoBuzz (but we’ll talk more about that later).
  6. An essential part of digital engagement is the social media component. Social media is the optimal place for building a relationship between customers and your brand. On social media, you can easily elicit feedback, and interact with your fanbase even when they’re not physically on location at your business.
  7. Pump out the content. Content is what ties all of your engagement efforts together. Blogs, videos, testimonials, and all the rest can be featured across your website and social media.

Engage Customers With CoGoBuzz

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Have any tips for engaging customers? Let us know in the comments!