Loyalty programs are awesome. They’re one of the most proven methods for incentivizing repeat visits and getting customers to spend more. Did you know that loyalty program members spend 37% more than standard consumers? (According to Bond). Not bad!

Whether you’re updating an old program or building a new one from scratch, here’s seven tips that are sure to improve your restaurant’s loyalty program.

  1. Modernize it. Still using hole-punch cards? If your loyalty program is still paper-based in 2018, then it’s time to reconsider your options. Embrace the digital future and reap all the benefits that come with it. The convenience of mobile loyalty can’t be understated. Customers always have their smartphones on hand. Your program should be built with that in mind.
  2. Consider your loyalty program’s value. What do your customers get out of being a member? Is it worthwhile? How does it stack up to your competitors? If the customer has to dine with you five times just to get half off an appetizer, then you might want to inject some additional value.
  3. Reward your members in creative ways. Rewards should be surprising. Not every reward needs to be “Free dessert!” or “20% off your next meal.” Those are great rewards to have, but they shouldn’t be what your program solely consists of. Think about something unique that your restaurant can do to reward your best customers. Examples might be along the lines of an exclusive “members only” appetizer (make sure it’s good!) or even a special “date night package” with premium service.
  4. Personalize your rewards. It’ll take additional work, but personalization is a very effective way to give your loyalty program some extra oomph. According to Virtual Incentives, 69% of consumers have a more positive outlook on companies that have personalized rewards and messages.
  5. Give your program layers. Successful loyalty programs are well-thought-out. They give customers reasons to keep spending and keep earning. Whether it’s in the form of a tier system (i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers), or a point system (earn redeemable points for every purchase), layers give your loyalty program life.
  6. You don’t need to design an app to take advantage of mobile loyalty. In fact, we recommend using a text-based loyalty program. According to CodeBroker, 37% of consumers prefer to access rewards program info through a text message link. This was the most preferred option surveyed, ranking even higher than using a mobile app (28%) or from a website (19%).
  7. Engage with your audience. With a modernized, digital loyalty program, you can engage your audience by running contents, polls, and more. Seek valuable feedback and offer rewards for those that respond!

Digitize Your Loyalty Program With CoGoBuzz

With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art marketing service, we’ll empower your restaurant with a fully-digital, text-based loyalty program. Not only is it affordable, it’s easy-to-use, highly effective, and loaded with tons of powerful features designed to make business boom. CoGoBuzz simplifies customer engagement down to a text message. Run contests, polls, and automated messages!

Our service takes your loyalty program to the next level with advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions. When customers walk through the door of your restaurant, they’re just a single login away from gaining access to your in-store HotSpot. From there, they’ll gain access to your new, custom landing page, where they can be incentivized to join your loyalty program, check out your menu, and more.

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