For the individual, birthdays come once a year. For businesses, birthdays are a constant. Every single day, one of your potential customer’s is celebrating a birthday. There’s a lot of marketing potential in there!

Birthday marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. There are tons of ways your business can leverage customer birthdays for marketing purposes. Here’s 10 birthday tips your business can use.

  1. Personalize everything. Whatever your business does for your customers’ birthdays, do your best to keep it personalized.
  2. Offer a discount. This is one of the easiest, most common cases of birthday marketing. But it works, and it gets customers in the store. And isn’t that the whole point?
  3. Handwritten postcard. Great for small businesses that can manage it, this is an awesome way to show your appreciation. It’s an incredibly personal touch that many of your customers will truly remember (especially when they’re considering where to shop).
  4. Or just send a standard postcard. Even if you can’t donate the resources to writing personal cards, a message in the mail still goes a long way.
  5. Free item on your birthday. Have an exclusive gift that patrons can only get on the specific date of their birthday. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item per se, but it should be intriguing on some level. It should make the customer think “Huh, I might as well stop by.”
  6. Special deal only available on your birthday. Don’t have an item to give away? Don’t sweat it. Just come up with a special deal instead (i.e. all T-shirts are BOGO on your birthday).
  7. Send a birthday email. If you have a mailing list, this one is a no-brainer. I practically expect a swathe of birthday emails when mine comes around. Be sure to include a discount code for bonus points.
  8. Alternatively, send a birthday text. Sending a birthday text is more direct than email, and it’s much more likely that they’ll get the message (read rates are significantly higher via text).
  9. Charity. Feeling generous? For every purchase that your customers make on their birthdays, donate a percentage to charity. Tailor the charity to your business for good measure (i.e. if you’re running a pet store, donate to the Humane Society).
  10. Throw birthday parties. It won’t be for every business, but if you can gauge any interest at all, it’s definitely something to look into. Especially if you have the space to hold private events.

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What does your business do for customer birthdays? Let us know in the comments!