One of the reasons people have a strong affinity for specific brands is relatability. We like to associate ourselves with things we relate to and identify with, whether that includes people, products, or even brands.

Want to make your brand more relatable? Here’s four ways to get started.

Be authentic

Authenticity and transparency are hot commodities in the world of branding. The more authentic that your brand tries to be, the less it will be viewed like an unrelatable corporation. It’s not difficult to be transparent. It just means being honest with your customers. Be direct and let them know what’s really going on. If you screw up, it’s better to be honest about it, promise to do better next time, and highlight steps that you’re taking to improve as a company.

According to Bonfire Marketing, companies who exhibit honesty about their products and services are favored by 91% of customers. Their study goes on to highlight authenticity yields even higher ROI, with 63% saying that they would rather buy from authentic brands. Transparency matters!

Tell a human story

One of the more common ways in which brands convey their relatability is by telling their story. Whether it’s the history of the company, the founder’s journey to creating the brand, or something else entirely, a compelling narrative can be quite useful for your brand.

Depending on your brand’s history, your story can be framed in a variety of ways. Regardless of what direction you choose to take, the human element is of utmost importance. Don’t focus so much on discussing the company itself, but rather the people behind it. Highlight how their values formed the backbone of the brand, and talk about how those values are reflected today.

Community outreach

As humans, we tend to relate best to people or brands that are doing good things. It’s the reason why you’ll root for the hero when watching a movie. The hero typically has relatable goals such as saving their friends, helping others, etc. We admire those that stand up for what they believe in to ultimately do what’s right – even if it doesn’t always directly benefit them.

As a brand, you can foster this relatability by showing how your brand gives back to the community. By understanding your brand’s values, you can demonstrate what your brand believes in. In that sense, the way your brand conducts community outreach can be a natural extension of your story. For example, if your brand believes in providing affordable clothing, you could try partnering with local organizations to give clothes to the homeless, those in need, and so on.

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What strategies has your business used to be more relatable? Let us know in the comments!