With only a matter of weeks to go, the holidays will soon be out in full force everywhere you go. If you haven’t started planning for them, now is the time. To get you started, here are three promotions that your restaurant can fire up this holiday season.

Throw a Holiday Party

Ah, yes. The holiday party. It doesn’t get any more classic than this. Throwing a holiday party is a fun way to get customers into your restaurant. There’s two types of holiday parties we’ll go into here: Christmas and New Year’s. Each party is very distinct from the other. Let’s highlight what your restaurant can do for each one.

The Christmas Party – Christmas parties work really well when they’re marketed with a family approach. Hire a Santa, turn on the Christmas music, and have a few fun things for the kids to do. (One place I remember going to as a kid let you design your own cookies). Of course, you can always take a different approach to a Christmas party if your restaurant’s demographics skew more adult. Maybe put a focus on some festive alcoholic beverages (eggnog anyone?) and hire a band to play livelier holiday tunes. Explore your options!

The New Year’s Party – Once Christmas is out of the way, New Year’s is hot on it’s heels. Whatever your restaurant’s New Year’s plans end up being, whether you’re staying open for midnight or not, it’s a good idea to get them promoted well in advance. Get those reservations and menus all set. Make sure you’re stocked up on alcohol, party hats, and confetti. And don’t forget to turn the TVs on so everyone can watch the ball drop.

Build a Holiday Menu

Next up, the holiday menu. As always, introducing a seasonal menu can always help bolster recurrent spending from customers. If your specials are appealing enough, many customers will come in multiple times to try everything before the menu is gone at the end of the season.

A holiday menu is also an excellent way to attract foodies looking for the perfect Instagram picture. Go beyond just serving food that’s traditionally eaten around the holidays. Really dig into the design of the meal. You can get especially creative with desserts by using a wide variety of holiday colors to design picturesque treats. The more picturesque, the more likely you’ll see social media posts.

Introduce Festive Deals

And of course, if you’re still having trouble luring customers in, it might be time to introduce some festive deals.

Here’s a good go-to strategy for holiday deals. Consumers are constantly spending during the holiday season. As a result, money can be a little tight for some. Appealing to the customer’s budget might be the best way to get ‘em in the door. The copy almost writes itself. “Spent too much on gifts? Come save on our food.”

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What are some of your restaurant’s holiday promotions? Sound off in the comments!