With each passing year, the importance of growing your business’s mobile presence just gets bigger and bigger. With mobile marketing, you can engage with customers wherever and whenever. Customers love it, and you should too.

With all eyes on mobile, what can your business do? Here’s a few ways you can ratchet up your mobile presence.

Optimize your website

Before you even think about doing anything related to mobile marketing, do this. Even if you think your website is optimized, just give it a second look.

Seriously. Pull up your smartphone right now. Go to your website. Take five minutes to browse around and see if everything works. Click around. Fill out any forms, click links, and take a look at your website in both portrait and landscape views. Hopefully everything is snappy, responsive, and easy to navigate.

WiFi Marketing

Optimizing your website only scratches the surface of creating a mobile foothold. Leveraging WiFi marketing can add an additional layer to your business’s mobile strategy. That layer is the in-store element. Through WiFi, you can start connecting with those customers that just have to get online while on the premises of your business.

So how can you put WiFi to work? To begin with, start by making it free. Having free WiFi can be pretty beneficial in general. It keeps customers sticking around your business for longer periods of time. And it’s also a nice gesture of goodwill.

To truly capitalize on WiFi however, you can use it to collect customer data, promote your brand through a landing page, and much more. How, you ask? Keep reading ahead to find out.

SMS Marketing

Obviously, texting takes up a huge share of the time we spend on our phones. Therefore, text messaging and marketing are practically a match made in heaven. With WiFi marketing, you can target customers in-store, but with SMS marketing, you can target customers wherever they go. Whether you’re sending reminders, coupons, or promotions, texting has rapidly become an incredibly popular way for businesses to communicate with customers.

For small businesses, getting involved in SMS marketing makes much more sense than building an app. People don’t want to download an app for every single business they frequent. Instead, a text loyalty program functions as an extremely viable alternative. It’s quick, easy to interact with, and you can always be sure that the customer has gotten your message.

Go Mobile With CoGoBuzz

Now I know what you may be thinking. “WiFi Marketing? Text loyalty program? This mobile marketing thing sure sounds like a lot of work.”

Normally, it might be! But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Not only can mobile marketing be easy, it can also be incredibly affordable. All with the power of CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art marketing service.

With CoGoBuzz, we leverage powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to revolutionize your business’s mobile presence. With a quick, one-time login to your in-store HotSpot, customers gain access to the Internet. They’re taken to a custom landing page, designed for your business, where you can incentivize them to join your text-loyalty program (which CoGoBuzz also comes packed with). Because they login using Email, Facebook, or their Email, we create a profile for each customer, so you’ll gain crucial data.

Want to learn more about CoGoBuzz? (Yes, there’s more). Check out the rest of our website!

What’s your business’s mobile presence look like? Let us know in the comments!