Looking to expand your restaurant’s reach? It might be time to chase some new demographics.

Not sure if your restaurant needs to expand its scope? Don’t be so sure! Developing new audiences can be quite beneficial for your restaurant. Different demographics consume different foods, at different times, and in different ways. Tap into the right audience and some of your slower dayparts might speed up a bit!

To get you started, here’s a few ways your restaurant can start bringing in new audiences.

Start with your existing customers

Your existing customers are one of your most valuable assets. Working through them may be the best way you can attract a new audience.

Why? Your existing customers have husbands, wives, children, family, and friends of all varieties. Target them. Get your existing customers talking about how much they love your restaurant by building your social media presence. Provide incentives and deals for dining in groups. Host family nights to get kids involved.

Experiment with new food

Experimenting with new food is another great option for finding a new audience. What better way to attract a new demographic than by branching out your restaurant’s menu? Try researching what dishes are currently popular with what demographics. If you think you’ve found a good fit your restaurant, try testing it as a limited-time offering or a special.

To get a little more in-depth breakdown on experimenting with new cuisine, check out this article I wrote a few weeks ago.

Offer healthy choices

Has your restaurant tried attracting a health-conscious crowd yet? If you haven’t yet experimented with a less caloric menu, it might be worth a shot. Most brands can provide health-conscious options without alienating any members of their current audience. Just as long as your healthy options don’t replace your popular staples!

Examine your competitors

When it comes to attracting new audiences, your competitors can ultimately prove to be a great source of inspiration. Check out what demographics they’re targeting. See if they’re resonating with an audience you just haven’t quite tapped into.

I’m not suggesting that you directly rip off what your competitors are doing. Instead, you should tackle new audiences in your restaurant’s own unique way.

Get involved in the community

Attracting new audiences may require some legwork outside the walls of your restaurant. By getting your restaurant involved in the local community, you stand a lot to gain for two big reasons. The first being that community involvement is an excellent look for your brand. The second, of course, is that it gets your restaurant’s name in front of more eyes. It’s all about raising awareness.

Get involved with the community however you can. Food truck opportunities at fairs or events? Sponsorships for little league games? There’s all sorts of options. Get your brand (and your food) out there.

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What has your restaurant done to branch out into new demographics? Let us know in the comments!