In the business of marketing, one of the hottest commodities around is customer data.

Customer data’s versatility is its strongest selling point. You can use data to inform decisions, create more effective marketing plans, and even make the lives of your customers (and clients!) easier.

Here’s four things to know about the value of customer data, what it means for you, and what your clients want from it.

Understand why you need customer data

So why is customer data valuable in the first place? Simple, really. Data can help paint a more accurate picture of the customer. Understanding the customer should be one of a business’s primary goals. I mean, they’re the very reason a business runs.

Customer data can help you understand each element of the customer’s life. When demographics, purchasing habits, and more are at your disposal, you gain a much more clear vision of how to manage the entirety of the business.

For example, perhaps you’ve discovered that many of your customers come from lower-income areas, and are frustrated with your products’ higher prices. This might inform you, or your clients, to take a different approach towards reaching those customers. You might consider slashing prices, producing a cheaper product, or even a different plan entirely.

Make sure you get the right data

When reporting to your clients and superiors, the higher quality data you can provide, the better that you’re going to look.

There are a thousand ways to acquire customer data. You can buy it from various sources. You can find it online. Or alternatively, you can create it yourself. Not out of thin air, of course. You can source data directly from actual customers. Your actual customers.

With the right partner, you can automatically source valuable data from real customers. With a digital service like CoGoBuzz, you can easily discover what makes your customers tick with advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions. (Keep reading to find out more on CoGoBuzz.)

Refine the customer experience

Personalization. Powerful loyalty programs. A better overall experience. That’s precisely what quality data can do for both business and customer.

By leveraging data, businesses can give users greater personalization over how they interact with the brand. Personalization can be as simple as addressing a customer by name in an email. Any level of personalization can benefit greatly.

Furthermore, by adopting a modern, digitally-based loyalty program, an additional layer of customer data can be gleamed. When it comes to data, digital loyalty programs are almost symbiotic in nature. Not only are loyalty programs an excellent way to use data to refine the experience, they’re also quite useful for acquiring data as well. You can get valuable data by running polls, contests, and more.

Succeed With CoGoBuzz

As I mentioned, with the right partner, sourcing and implementing customer data can become a total breeze. With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital service, we’ll hook you up with a wide variety of crucial customer data by directly engaging with customers on the devices that they use the most – their smartphones and other mobile devices. With CoGoBuzz, you’ll take advantage of a fully digital, text-based loyalty program, automatically developed profiles for every single customer that logins into the HotSpot, and more!

Check out the rest of our website to find out more about CoGoBuzz!

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