There’s more to WiFi than accessing the Internet.

When it comes to the WiFi in your restaurant, your HotSpot can set you up with a wide array of marketing benefits that you probably weren’t even aware of.

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that extending free WiFi as a courtesy to your customers is where things end, then you’re vastly undervaluing the extent to which WiFi can benefit you. Here’s four ways to get WiFi Marketing involved in your restaurant.

Get the most out of “Free WiFi”

Ever seen the “Free WiFi” signs in the window of different restaurants and cafes? Of course you have! That sign is there because the operator pays for WiFi, and expects that expense to lure traffic inside for a bite to eat. At its very base level, WiFi is a marketing component. You should use it like one. Not only should you throw that sign up, but you should actively make it known that your restaurant is a great place to come in and use the WiFi.

Set up a landing page

If you’ve ever tried to access WiFi at any public place, such as a hotel, a business, or another restaurant, you’ve probably seen a landing page before. You’ll typically arrive at the landing page after submitting a quick login. You’re then brought to the page itself, which you’ll be free to peruse until you decide to navigate to some other corner of the web (free-of-charge).

A landing page is a place where you can show off what’s important about your restaurant. Whether that includes deals, promotions, your loyalty program, the menu, a signup for your weekly newsletter, or something else entirely – that’s entirely up to you. Regardless of what you decide to put there, it’s a great use of WiFi, and a repeatedly proven way to get the customer more involved in your brand.

Build customer relationships

Using “Free WiFi” as a marketing buzzword is hardly a new method. Landing pages aren’t a new concept either. They’re both still used today because they’re effective. But how do you take that further? How can you use WiFi to build customer relationships? When WiFi is used effectively, it can be used to engage and retain customers, turning one-time customers into long-time customers. It can even build loyalty!

With the right service, you can take your WiFi to the next level. By getting customers plugged into your WiFi, you can get them engaged with your restaurant both in-store and out. For example, with a digital service like CoGoBuzz, you can leverage powerful SMS and Email solutions, on top of the WiFi. Read on to learn more about CoGoBuzz.

WiFi Marketing With CoGoBuzz

When it comes to WiFi Marketing, CoGoBuzz is the complete package, and more. With our state-of-the-art service, you’ll put your WiFi to work. Not only will you get to promote your restaurant with a custom-designed landing page, you’ll get access to automatically developed customer profiles, an extensive text-based loyalty program, and more.

Have a social media problem? CoGoBuzz can help get you more followers automatically. Looking to build your Email list? No problem. CoGoBuzz syncs profiles to your favorite CRM/Marketing List, such as HubSpot, MailChimp and Constant Contact. Check out the rest of our website to learn more!

Does your restaurant have any experience in WiFi Marketing? Let us know in the comments!