In any industry, keeping up with the trends is so important. It’s how you maintain relevance in a constantly shifting market. What consumers care about matters to your business.

When it comes to developing an SEO strategy, understanding trends is even more valuable. With CoGoBuzz, we’ll help you master the trends, and more. Our service leverages in-store WiFi to automatically discover your customers. We create a profile for every single customer that logs in to your HotSpot. Find out who’s coming in, and how often. On top of that, our service is packed with advanced SMS and Email solutions as well, allowing you to promote to your customers wherever they go.

Want to make sure you’re staying on top of the trends? At the link below, head on over to HubSpot to find seven ways you can use Google Trends to improve your SEO.

7 Ways You Can Use Google Trends to Bolster Your SEO Efforts

For your viewing convenience, here’s all seven ways from the article.

  1. Create and optimize content for seasonal trends.
  2. Find trending topics to cover.
  3. Make sure popularity spikes aren’t skewing a keyword’s search volume.
  4. Gauge the demand for your product or services in specific regions, cities, and metropolitan areas.
  5. Pinpoint the root cause of a dip in organic traffic.
  6. Find new, relevant long-tail keywords.
  7. Determine if a topic lends itself better to video.

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