Everyone loves getting a deal. The concept of saving money is one of the greatest driving forces in getting consumers to make purchasing decisions.

Of course, if you want to drive sales, you’ve got to have the right deals! And in 2018, digital deals reign supreme. Here’s four digital deals (plus four pro tips!) your restaurant should get on board with.

Flash Texts

To kick things off, let’s talk about flash texts. Getting a deal in the form of a text message is a great surprise for customers. Receiving a flash text with a deal can spur a spontaneous trip to your restaurant. You can send out an exclusive deal, or you can simply promote a special that’s currently running. Either way, flash texts get the message out quickly and effectively.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Gee, that’s great. If only I had my customers’ phone numbers in the first place.” Don’t worry. There’s an easy way to get started with text marketing. And it all starts with updating your loyalty program by making it text-based. It’s an ideal way to interact with your most loyal customers on an instant basis. It also removes the download barrier of hosting your loyalty program through an app.

Pro Tip: Try sending promotional texts out at strategic times. For example, if you’re pushing a happy hour deal out, try sending it before 5 PM. That way, you’ll get the work crowd thinking about heading to your restaurant when they get off.

In-store WiFi

This is no head-scratcher. WiFi is big deal when it comes to marketing, especially in restaurants. (In fact, I’m so confident about it that I wrote about it last week. Check it out!)

WiFi can easily become your go-to for in-store promotions. How? Landing pages and in-browser deals. By getting yourself set up with the right WiFi partner, you can take advantage of both, and start promoting your deals directly to customer mobile devices as soon as they login to your in-store HotSpot.

Pro Tip: Struggling for social media followers? Try offering a deal in exchange for a Facebook Like.

Social Media Deals

Speaking of social media, that’s another excellent place to get the word out on all your digital deals. Hooking your social media followers up with exclusive deals can end up yielding a ton of benefits. Here’s a few big ones.

  • You’ll incentivize more customers to follow you in the first place.
  • You’ll increase shares.
  • You’ll heighten your engagement.

Pro Tip: Keep your content visual. Keep it concise. When posting a deal, make sure it stands out.


Yes, email marketing still matters. Especially if it’s been solicited by the customer in the form of a signup. According to Modern Restaurant Management, 90% of newsletter recipients not only read the newsletters, but find them to be useful at some point in time. Additionally, when receiving promo codes through email, customers will spend more than 33% more than customers who didn’t get codes.

Pro Tip: Increase your email open rates by writing an attractive subject line. If you’re emailing out an exclusive promo code, make sure that’s readily apparent from the subject line. Even if the code is hidden in your newsletter!

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What digital deals does your restaurant use? Let us know in the comments!