Repeat spending and customer loyalty are inherently tied together.

In a sense, the loyal customer is an evolution of the repeat spender. Customers become repeat spenders long before loyalty is fully developed. However, it is essential to encourage repeat spending from the very first brand interaction.

Here’s how to turn a repeat spender into a loyal customers.

Start by giving customers a reason to come back. Promoting repeat spending isn’t the sole component of building a loyal customer. I mean, would you really consider yourself loyal to every single business you spend money with on a recurring basis? I would assume not.

However, it certainly does help. The more frequently you have customers in your store, the more likely they are to grow attached to the brand. Try holding more in-store events. Hold one-day sales events. Do whatever you can to encourage repeat visits.

You’ll also want to focus on brand interactions. Branding is an integral factor in both customer loyalty and repeat spending. Loyalty isn’t just earned from good business practices. It’s formed from an attachment. You can foster repeat spending through dozens of different ways, but that brand connection needs to be built over time.

In order to that, you need to create positive and consistent brand interactions that occur over a long-term basis. These can be in-store, on social media, email, wherever. There just needs to be a concentrated effort to create customer connections.

Understand who your customers are. Want to create loyalty? Then you need to truly know your customers. You’ll never be able to build a proper customer relationship without that understanding. Who are they? What’s their economic situation? Where do they live? Why do they shop with you?

Here’s a favorite analogy of mine. Repeat spenders are to loyal customers like what acquaintances are to personal friends. Repeat spenders and acquaintances are people you see every now and then, but there’s no real relationship there. Loyal customers are like close, personal friends. You know everything about them and they know everything about you.

Build Loyalty With CoGoBuzz

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create loyal customers – automatically? As it turns out, you can.

With CoGoBuzz, our powerful marketing service, we leverage advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to encourage customers into returning to your business AND further foster loyalty. Our service is designed to incentivize customers to keep coming back for more.

It all starts when customers login through WiFi via Facebook, Email, or Phone Number. At this instance, we’ll develop a fully realized profile for each login, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your customers. Once they’ve logged in, they’ll be taken to a custom landing page – designed specifically for your restaurant – where they’ll be incentivized to follow you on social media, or even sign up for your CoGoBuzz-powered, text-based Loyalty Program.

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