Whether your restaurant barely has a website, or your knocking your digital presence out-of-the-park, it’s a good idea to evaluate if you’ve got everything down. To try and help, I’ve put together a handy checklist.

I’ve gone ahead and separated the checklist into the following categories, detailing your digital presence via website, social media, and beyond. Check it out!


  • The menu. If your menu isn’t on your website, what’s the point?
  • Directions and address. Most people will pop your address into their map app of choice, but it’s helpful to have directions too – especially if there’s any tourism in your area.
  • Reservations.
  • High-quality images, showing off the food, staff, and scenery.
  • Contact information. This includes any relevant phone numbers or email addresses.
  • About section.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Links to social media and review sites.
  • Optimized for mobile. Pull your website up on your phone/tablet to make sure it works!

Social Media

  • You’re on the right platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the big ones. Snapchat and Twitter may be worth looking into depending on your audience.
  • All of that general information (e.g. about section, contact info, address, etc.)
  • Image-based and video-based posts. They get higher engagement. Go the extra mile.
  • Avoid text-heavy posts. Attention spans are far too short to deal with long paragraphs.
  • Share your content marketing. Everything from blog posts to how-to videos are on the table.
  • Run contests and polls. Keep your audience engaged.
  • Share deals, promote Happy Hour, and talk about upcoming events.
  • Responsiveness. If a customer comments on one of your posts, get back to them ASAP.


  • Free WiFi. Your customers expect and appreciate it.
  • WiFi marketing. WiFi s an excellent marketing tool for restaurants. (Read more about WiFi marketing here.)
  • Social media logos. Put them on your menus, on the door, news board, and wherever it makes sense.
  • SMS marketing. It’s time to get on board with text marketing.
  • Digitized loyalty program. (We recommend a text-based loyalty program.)
  • Email newsletter. A lot of marketers overlook the importance of email, but it’s actually pretty valuable when dealing with your core audience.

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What do you think is vital to a restaurant’s digital success? Let us know in the comments!