We’re in the thick of the holiday season. Hopefully your marketing campaigns are already in full swing (and finding some level of success).

Either way, there’s always something extra you can be doing to enhance your marketing. The holiday competition is quite steep. You’re going to want to be on your A-game.

Here’s eight easy ways that your business can use to stand out from the pack this holiday season.

  1. Mix your deals up from week-to-week. Don’t just set-and-forget your holiday sales. Variety is the spice of life. Keep things interesting by offering new deals as the season goes on. You can try anything from one-day flash sales to online-only deals too.
  2. Promote with gifts in mind. Consider what your business offers, who your demographics are, and what product/service they would be most likely to purchase as a holiday gift. Integrate that line-of-thought into how you promote each item.
  3. Appeal to your loyal customers. Offer your loyal customers exclusive benefits. If you have a loyalty program, the holidays are an excellent time to reward those customers. Reward them nicely enough, and hopefully you’ll see an uptick in word-of-mouth.
  4. Keep it fun and festive. Whether you’re decorating in-store, adding some holiday cheer to your digital platforms (social media, website, etc.), or just turning the Christmas music on, the little things can go a long way.
  5. Focus on customer retention. During the holiday season, you’re likely to get a lot of customers you wouldn’t normally attract. Don’t just focus on incentivizing recurring visits over the holidays. Incentivize customers to keep coming in long after January has rolled around. Push loyalty program sign-ups. Promote New Year sales ahead of time. Sell gift cards.
  6. Events, contests, and more. The right holiday-themed event can be a great way to fill your store. Contests and giveaways can really get more people engaged with your business, and can be leveraged both in-store and across all your digital platforms.
  7. Offer something a little extra. Complimentary gift wrapping might be the difference you need to get your competitor’s business.
  8. Give back to the community. Community outreach is one of the more sure-fire ways to get some positive PR during the holidays. Participate in charities, food drives, or even consider starting a program directly.

Stand Out With CoGoBuzz

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What does your business do to stand out during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!