Grab-and-go food is all the rage these days. People like their food fast and convenient. Whether you run a QSR or not, cornering the takeout market is worth pursuing.

One of the biggest keys to running a successful takeout operation is having the right tools to promote it. That’s where CoGoBuzz comes in. Our fully-featured digital marketing service digitally promotes your takeout services (and more) directly to customer mobile devices. Oh, and it all happens automatically. Leveraging state-of-the-art WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service promotes in-store and out.

Want to learn a little more? Head over to QSR Magazine at the link below for three ways to corner the grab-and-go market.

3 Ways to Corner the Grab-and-Go Market

For your viewing convenience, here’s all three ways.

  1. Give grab-and-go a signature touch
  2. Appeal to millenials’ social conscience
  3. New tools for making food portable

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