Those darn millennials. Everyone loves to talk about them. Who they are, what they like, their lifestyles, their goals and aspirations, and so on and so forth.

There’s a good reason for that. Actually, there’s several.

According to research from Bernstein, not only do millennials happen to be the largest generation, they’re also finally poised to control more spending power than the baby boomers. Furthermore, millenials are eating more meals in restaurants than any other generation. Sounds like you might want to put some effort into keeping them around.

So, how can you help your restaurant attract more millenials?

Start by familiarizing yourself with healthy choices, nutrition, and organic options. Understand how you can integrate these factors into your restaurant. Whether you decide to go all in on these options is entirely at your discretion, but it’s important to recognize the value millennials place upon general nutrition.

For example, even if a millennial customer has committed to devouring an obviously unhealthy meal, they want to know that it’s precisely 1,535 calories on the dot. It’s not just that millenials want to be healthier, it’s that they want to understand what they’re consuming. It’s why you’re seeing so many restaurant putting calories counts on their menus. It’s also why you’re seeing such a big focus on organic ingredients, where food is being sourced from, etc.

Another factor to consider is customization. If there’s one thing that millennials crave, it’s options. Cater to convenience. Millenials have increasingly busy lifestyles. They work a variety of hours and want flexible choices to fit their schedules. Providing takeout options, delivery, call-ahead ordering, or even prepared food can give you an extra edge.

It’s also important to keep up with digital trends, which encompass critical points such as your social media presence and mobile loyalty.

Millenials are all over social media, but they’re not just confined to one platform. For restaurants, the general consensus tends to be that Facebook and Instagram are the platforms to focus on, with most establishments opting to have a Facebook page at the bare minimum. When it comes to engaging millennials via social media, especially those on the younger side of the spectrum, Instagram is huge. It’s a visual platform in the purest sense and it’s demographics skew younger. Don’t sleep on it.

Mobile loyalty is more popular than ever. As I’ve already mentioned, millennials place a significant value on convenience. And there’s nothing more convenient than engaging in a loyalty program through a device you’ve got on hand 24/7. Certainly a heck of a lot more convenient than hole-punch cards! Adopting a mobile loyalty program for your restaurant can be a game-changer in winning over millennials.

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What does your restaurant do to get in touch with millennials? Let us know in the comments!