Events are an attractive opportunity to put the spotlight on your business. They demonstrate your business’s brand beyond the goals of profit and success, and provide a chance to engage a community of fans and potential customers alike.

Whether you’re holding a fundraiser, a sales blowout, a charity auction, a seminar, or something else entirely, chances are your event is going to need to be promoted. Otherwise, who would show up?

Here’s nine easy tips to promote your business’s next event.

  1. Announce your event. Get it out everywhere you can. Email, social media, text alerts, and even the local media. Make it clear what your event is, along with why and when it’s happening. Light the spark and get some interest.
  2. Get it to the right audience. Depending on both the nature of the event and the various target audience your business attracts, you’ll want to pinpoint who you’re promoting to. Segmenting your demographics is essential.
  3. Plan ahead of time. Once you’ve determined when your event is, you’ll want to come up with a promotional plan leading up to the big date. This includes every singular point of promotion along the campaign schedule.
  4. But remember to be flexible. Like any marketing campaign, it’s important to continue monitoring the success of each individual promotion and how your audiences are responding. In the case that event registrations/interest haven’t met expectations, you may consider altering your plans.
  5. Raise some excitement. An event is something that you want people to get hyped up about. The more someone is looking forward to an event, the more likely they are to attend, rather than scratching it off when other plans come up. Maybe try running a contest or a giveaway in the lead up?
  6. Promote consistently. Repetition is key. You won’t want to annoy your customers, but you’ll want to maintain awareness as your event approaches. The more people hear about it, the more likely they’ll be to remember it when it comes.
  7. Vary the message. Again, you absolutely don’t want to annoy customers. At the same time, you need to keep promoting. Mix up your promotions by focusing on different aspects of your event. Don’t just repeat “that the big event is coming.” Talk about who is speaking at the event, what the schedule of activities looks like, behind the scenes, etc.
  8. Create unique digital content. Blogs, videos, interviews, you name it. By creating digital content that focuses on your upcoming event, you’re not only varying the message, you’re highlighting additional reasons why your event is worthwhile to the attendee.
  9. Create a unique hashtag. Having a unique hashtag for your event has multiple benefits. Perhaps most obviously, having a hashtag puts more eyes on your social media promotions. Additionally, it allows people to easily see what others are posting about in relation to the event. This can be especially useful following the event. If your event is a hit and attendees post plenty of pictures including the hashtag, you may just catch the interest of friends and family as well.

Promote Digitally With CoGoBuzz

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Have any tips of your own on promoting events? Let us know in the comments!