Want to maximize your profits? Understand your target market. As soon as you can answer who’s a good fit for your product and why, the sooner you can start attracting them to your business.

CoGoBuzz is built from-the-ground-up to digitally discover your target market – making it easy and affordable. Taking advantage of advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, we’ve devised an effective and efficient solution to discover your best customers. CoGoBuzz hooks you up with fully-realized profiles for every single customer that logs into your wireless HotSpot. You’ll gain incredible data to help understand your target market. It’s totally automatic!

Want to learn more on discovering your target market? Check out this great guide from HubSpot at the link below, featuring target market examples from Nike, Starbucks, Apple, and Atlassian.

The Straightforward Guide to Target Markets

Here’s a quick recap of the article’s four steps to identifying your target market.

  1. Analyze your product or service.
  2. Check out the competition.
  3. Choose criteria to segment by.
  4. Perform research.

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