When it comes to pumping up drink sales, the focus doesn’t always have to be on getting customers to order more drinks within a specific evening. Many bars have long-term loyalty programs that reward customers on an ongoing basis.

Here’s a few quick examples of ways you can use your bar’s loyalty program to spike sales.

Introduce a Craft Beer Challenge. With the massive popularity of craft beer, there’s never been a better time to get in on the trend. One of the best ways to do so is by setting up a craft beer challenge. The concept is simple. Offer a special reward when members try a set number of unique craft beers within a set period of time. One bar I’ve been to with a similar promotion offers a T-shirt, which is great because (assuming the customer actually wears the shirt) it’ll end up spreading brand awareness.

There are several benefits here. To begin with, it puts the focus on all the different craft beers you’ve invested in stocking. More obviously, it keeps your loyal customers spending on a consistent basis.

A great way to encourage your program’s success is by having a Featured Beer (maybe with a slight discount). It could be a beer-of-the-day, week, or whatever works for you. This gives people a good default pick, and it’s also a great way to highlight selections independently of the program.

You can also sell drinks on an ongoing basis by introducing Milestones. If you don’t have 50+ craft beers, adding in loyalty program tiers might be the option for you. The higher the tier? The better the rewards. (An example: reach a high enough tier and you get your picture on the wall.)

Finally, I’d like to suggest adding a Text Club. One of the biggest benefits of having a fully-digital loyalty program is that it enables you to instantly engage with your best customers, all at the push of a button. By enrolling customers in an exclusive “Text Club” (or some other clever name that’s tied into your bar’s theme), you gain a direct line of communication and promotion. Having a text club works to builds loyalty in an effective, efficient way.

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Does your bar have a loyalty program? Tell us all about it in the comments!