Mobile marketing has quickly become commonplace in the restaurant industry. Different restaurants have adopted a variety of solutions in order to connect with customers across the devices they use so often. From mobile apps, to in-store WiFi, flash texts, and more, there’s no shortage of ways to connect with audiences.

Whether mobile marketing is new to you or you only have limited experience with it, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not difficult at all to integrate into your restaurant experience.

All it takes for your restaurant to succeed in the mobile marketing sphere is our powerful, state-of-the-art, and totally affordable service: CoGoBuzz. Our service enhances your mobile marketing through industry-leading WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions.

Through the lens of CoGoBuzz, let’s take a look at five different ways you can use mobile marketing in your restaurant.

WiFi Profiles. The true value of WiFi is often undersold. With the right partner, WiFi can become a particularly valuable asset for your restaurant’s marketing efforts.

Here’s how it works with CoGoBuzz. When customers connect to your CoGoBuzz-powered HotSpot, they’ll login via social media, email, or phone number. This forms the blueprint that makes up their automatically developed customer profile. You’ll get clued into valuable customer insight that can help drive future customer interactions, marketing campaigns, menu selections, and more. Track customers between visits and across all of your locations.

In-Browser Menus, Deals, and More. When putting your WiFi to work, it doesn’t end with customer profiles. Once customers have connected to your in-restaurant HotSpot, they’ll be able to check out your menu, deals, events, and more, straight from their mobile browsers.

When you’re running CoGoBuzz-powered WiFi, an interactive overlay will occupy a small slice of space at the bottom of your customers’ mobile browsers during their stay. It stays there even as customers continue to browse other sites.

Text-Based Engagement. More than just a WiFi tool, CoGoBuzz features powerful text-based functionality. Take advantage of direct messaging via text, allowing you to send messages straight to your guests’ devices, and receive them back! Alert them of special offers, upcoming events, and table-is-ready notifications​.

Text-Based Loyalty Programs. Every restaurant needs a loyalty program. Every restaurant does not need an app for their loyalty program. Apps are expensive. They need to be optimized, designed, and updated for multiple devices. Not only that, but most customers don’t really have a strong desire to clutter their phones with more apps.

The solution? Introduce a text-based loyalty program. Run contests, polls, automated messages, and more. Rewarding your most loyal customers is just a text away. No download required!

Email. CoGoBuzz sets the industry standard for empowering your existing CRM and Email Marketing accounts. Our service automatically integrates your customer profiles with your Marketing List of choice, including HubSpot, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. Need help building your mailing list up? No problem. CoGoBuzz has got you covered.

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