Half of creating a successful loyalty program is all about getting customers into it in the first place. Otherwise, why bother dumping resources into it? Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to engage and reward customers, and if you have one, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting the most out of it.

Here are seven easy ways to lure customers into your loyalty program.

  1. Keep the sign up process easy. This is perhaps the most crucial part of getting customers into your loyalty program. If your sign up process is too extensive (e.g. asking for a name, address, email, phone number, birthday, and more), they may not even bother finishing.
  2. Offer limited-time sign-up bonuses every now and then. “Want to score a few extra points? Sign up now and get your first reward easily!” This is an easy way to give on-the-fence customers some extra encouragement to sign up.
  3. Send a targeted email promotion. Have an existing email list of customers? If you can pinpoint which aren’t in your loyalty program, send a targeted promotion offering reward points for signing up. Talk about all the amazing benefits of joining your program to seal the deal.
  4. Partner with charity. Assuming your loyalty program is points-based on some level, you can allow customers to donate those points to a select charity. For example, the American National Red Cross accepts reward points from a selection of partners. Finding the right charity to partner with could give your program a few extra members. Oh, and it’s a good look for your brand as well.
  5. Try creating a benefit page on website. Prominently feature a tab on your website labeled with the name of your loyalty program. When customers click there, they’re taken to an elaborate page visualizing the various benefits that come with signing up for your program.
  6. Let existing members send referrals. One of the most common methods of acquiring new loyalty program members, referrals incentivize both senders and recipients with potential rewards. It’s a strategy that benefits all parties involved, including you.
  7. When all else fails? Just tell them about it. Sometimes the easiest way to get a customer to join is just to let them know at the checkout counter “that if you sign up now, you’ll save 5% off your current purchase.” Who wouldn’t want to save some extra money? It’s a no-brainer, easy, and relatively harmless.

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How do you encourage loyalty program sign-ups? Let us know in the comments!