Want to boost sales? Start getting more customers in the door. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s four easy ways to drive foot traffic for your business.

Work on your exterior design. One of the simpler ways to increase walk-ins, creating a more visually interesting exterior is something every business should work to do. Walk-in customers can be a great source of business, especially if your location is in an area with a lot of people walking around, such as a mall or shopping center. You need to stand out. If your exterior is drab or boring, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Consider what the selling points of your business are. What are your hottest deals going on right now? Have any new products launched recently? Does your business have bright or attractive colors on the exterior? You want your business to look inviting.

Hold an event. Events provide a unique opportunity to leverage your business space for something more than its intended purposes. By holding an event, you’re creating an appointed reason for people to visit your business. They’re not going to shop. They’re going to attend a charity auction. A live performance from their favorite local artist. A book club meeting. But they’re still probably going to shop before or after the event.

Don’t think your business has the right space for an event? No problem. You can always hold an event off-premises. Hand out coupons along with other promotional material to encourage attendees into visiting your business.

Offer some complimentary amenities. Having a few complimentary offerings can set your business apart as a place to stop at. Here’s a few easy ideas to try.

  • Water or coffee. Have a spare coffee maker? How about a water dispenser? Turn your business into an easy pit stop by offering some essential refreshments.
  • Bathroom access. Not every business has bathroom access, and many require purchases. If you have a bathroom, allowing customers to use it, no purchase necessary, can inject some goodwill and get more people in the store.
  • Free Wi-Fi. A complimentary HotSpot along with some tables to sit at can be a good way to attract customers who need to get some work done or just unwind a bit online.

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What does your business do to drive foot traffic? Sound off in the comments!