Want to attract more customers? You’re going to have to get creative. Or you would, if you didn’t have the Internet to help you out.

Here’s six creative ways to start attracting more restaurant guests.

Partner with local businesses. Sometimes, a creative partnership can be the best way to get your restaurant in front of a completely new set of eyes. Quality partnerships are beneficial for both parties involved. For example, your restaurant could explore the possibility of forming a catering partnership. Growing up, the school I went to catered lunch from a different restaurant every single day. You bet I knew the name of each of those restaurants. And so did everyone’s parents!

Get the most out of WiFi. Chances are, your restaurant already offers complimentary WiFi. But are you getting the most out of your investment? In-store WiFi, when positioned properly, can be a major selling point for your restaurant. There’s a ton of potential customers out there that enjoy going to restaurants for Internet. From studying students to busy professionals, it’s an easy market to tap into. Try offering free coffee refills to compete with cafés and coffee shops.

Celebrate national food-based holidays. There’s a day for practically every food you can imagine. From National Cheeseburger Day to National Roast Leg of Lamb Day, there’s plenty to pick from. Not only are they great for specials, they’re awesome for social media posts. Don’t forget to celebrate national drink-based holidays too.

Clever menu names. Before heading to a restaurant they’ve never visited, most people tend to check out the menu online. Having snappy names for your dishes can make all the difference. Sizzlin’ Steak Fajitas sounds a heck of a lot more interesting than just plain old Steak Fajitas.

Market an exclusive selling point. What does your restaurant do that nobody else does? If you have one, sell it. If you don’t, come up with one. Look at the local restaurants you’re competing with. Maybe it’s the big chain in town that has no problem cleaning up in business thanks to brand recognition. Figure out what your restaurant has to offer that they don’t.

Participate in your local Restaurant Week. There are Restaurant Weeks across the country going on all year long. If there’s one in your area, getting involved is a great way to get some exposure with customers you may not normally attract. Typically featuring pre-fixe menus for a set price, you can highlight a variety of items to entice customers into returning for future visits.

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What creative ways does your restaurant use to attract guests? Let us know in the comments!