As the snow melts away, and things start to get a little warmer again, you have yet a new reason to lure people into your restaurant. Yes, spring is here. And it’s a great time for your restaurant to try some new marketing tricks. Seasonal marketing is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your clientele, giving old customers a new reason to stop by and enticing new customers into their first visit.

Here’s a few easy ways to inject a dash of spring into your restaurant.

Start with some Spring Specials. If you haven’t given seasonal specials a shot in the past, it’s as great a time as any to start. Spring offers a diverse palette of potential choices to pick from. With the holidays and winter decisively coming to a close, people are looking for lighter, healthy options. Think less comfort food, more salads. From leafy greens to delicious fruit, there are many colorful creations to be had in the spring.

Of course, don’t just stop with food. Serve up some spring-themed cocktails. Warmer weather means people want to feel refreshed, so let that reflect itself in your seasonal cocktail selection. Courtesy of Town & Country, here’s a list of 35 spring cocktails you can roll out.

Liven up your restaurant. Spring is when you should put some work into making your restaurant more inviting. Set some colorful flowers and foliage up. Put up bright, welcoming artwork. Have outdoor seating? This is the time to make it shine. Send your live band outside. Set up an outdoor bar. Try something new! With warmer weather abound, odds are high there’s going to be more potential walk-in customers too. Make your exterior design the best it can be to make your restaurant stand out, and you just might lure in a few extra customers.

Plan a few spring events. Whether you’re celebrating one of spring’s many holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo just to name a few!), or you’re planning your own unique event, there’s no better way to show off your restaurant’s new look and food. Plan a fundraiser, hold a charity auction, set up a private dinner party for loyalty members, or something else entirely.

Run a couple digital promotions. This is the part what you’ve been working on and cooking up. Here’s a few digital promotions you can run.

  • Design an email newsletter to show off everything you’ve been doing. List your springtime events, attach a few pictures of your restaurant’s new look, and send an exclusive deal for one of your new specials.
  • Have a text club? Text out weekly deals of spring to put the spotlight on your seasonal menu.
  • Social media renovation. Spruce up your social media’s look for spring. Use your posts to highlight what you’re doing differently this spring.

Spring Marketing With CoGoBuzz

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What does your restaurant do for spring? Let us know in the comments!