In 2019, mobile marketing isn’t optional. It’s pretty much mandatory. Whether you’re just optimizing your website for mobile platforms or setting up a months-long mobile engagement campaign, you’re going to run into mobile marketing one way or another in the modern marketing world.

Therefore, it’s best to be prepared. Get started with these five ways to help improve your mobile marketing.

Give mobile marketing a platform. You can do this by investing in a text-based loyalty program. This will allow you to take advantage of one of mobile’s single biggest benefits: the ability to keep customers consistently engaged with your brand, wherever and whenever. With the right service, such as CoGoBuzz, starting a text-based loyalty program is easy. (Read ahead for more on that.)

Don’t forget to keep a mobile-mindset everywhere. Most people looking at your website? They’re on their smartphones. Most people looking at your social media page? They’re using the Facebook app on their phone. So optimize your website for mobile. Make sure your social media posts aren’t just long rambling paragraphs. Use dynamic, visual content. Remember that mobile users typically have shorter attention spans.

Offer a sign-up bonus. If you’re trying to get people into your text club/loyalty program, you might want to try offering some additional incentive beyond just listing the benefits of being a member. Otherwise, there’s no immediate motive. Something that can be used now. One example is to offer a five dollar credit towards a potential purchase. The customer feels good because they just earned five dollars, yet in order to get any value out of that credit, they’re going to have to make a purchase.

Send text alerts for deals, sales, and more. In the eyes of the customer, text alerts, or flash texts, are spur-of-the-moment opportunities presented to them out of the blue. In reality, they’re completely pre-determined by you, the marketer. They are intended to be sent out at a specific time to encourage an action. I’m talking stuff like “Today-Only Sale!” or “Free shipping on all orders made this weekend!”

Embrace mobile marketing in-store. For better or for worse, people are constantly staring at their phones. Whether they’re in a restaurant, at the mall, or in your business, people are checking their emails, sending texts, and even comparing prices to other stores. Take advantage of that. For example, set up a WiFi landing page, so that when customers connect to your HotSpot, the first thing they see is a page promoting your latest offers.

Make Mobile Marketing Easy With CoGoBuzz

Believe it or not, mobile marketing isn’t too hard to succeed at. All you need to succeed is the right partner. Take for example CoGoBuzz, our powerful, state-of-the-art, and totally affordable service.

Powered by industry-leading WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service is extensively designed to reach your customers whether they’re in-store or out. Through WiFi, we’ll connect you with your customers via social media, getting you automatic followers. We’ll clue you into valuable customer insight, thanks to fully-realized profiles that we create for every single customer that logs into your HotSpot.

Remember the text-based loyalty program I mentioned? CoGoBuzz comes packed with that. Easily text, engage, and reward your customers with our intuitive interface.

Check out the rest of our website to learn more about CoGoBuzz!

Have any mobile marketing tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!