Effective engagement is all about keeping customers involved with your business and brand. Whether you’re courting them on social media, coming up with ways to get them inside your store, or something else entirely, your goal is to keep customers involved. Here are three tactics to get them more engaged with your brand.

Limited-Time Offers. Keeping customers engaged ultimately means getting them back into your business. Sometimes, the easiest way to do that is by making a deal they just won’t be able to refuse. LTOs, or limited-time offers, incentivize customers to act, even when they wouldn’t normally do so.

Psychology Today refers to the concept of loss aversion, a psychological concept that implies people would rather avoid losing money than gaining it. The LTO works hand-in-hand with this phenomenon. In the customer’s mind, acting on an LTO avoids loss. Why? Because the customer might want to make the same purchase in the future. Only then, it’ll be at a higher price. They need to act now.

Loyalty Programs. Engagement isn’t just about making a few sales. It’s about fostering loyalty. It’s about gaining a customer that will always think of you as their first choice. They’ll recommend your business to their friends and they’ll be the first to know about your latest deals.

How do you create customers like that? Try loyalty programs. By design, loyalty programs keep customers engaged by providing consistent incentives and rewards for continuing to do business with you. Want to see the best results? Set yourself up with a digital loyalty program. Read ahead and we’ll tell you how to do it (easy and affordably).

Social Media. Social media, as its name implies, is inherently social. But the simple act of curating content on social media doesn’t directly create engagement. Effective social media engagement means creating a discourse between brand and follower. Not just promoting your content. Here’s a few ways to do that.

  • Respond to questions and comments. This is a good tip for any brand on social media, not just those looking to improve engagement. Responding to followers helps give your brand a voice.
  • Polls. Polls are a valuable opportunity to not only learn about your followers, but get them more involved in your brand. Voting in a poll is an easy act, and people seem to like doing them. Next time you want to learn something, give it a shot.
  • Contests and sweepstakes. Running the occasional contest or sweepstake can motivate even your least engaged followers to get involved. Who doesn’t love winning stuff?
  • Pose questions in your posts. Want more people to comment on your posts? Pose a question.

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Have any engagement tactics of your own? Let us know in the comments!