Is you restaurant on social media? With 82% of US restaurateurs investing the majority of their marketing budget into social media (TripAdvisor), you probably answered yes.

Even if you’re not, that’s okay too. It’s never too late to get started. Here’s six reasons why your restaurant needs to get social.

Social media has a strong effect on customers who want to dine out. Did you know that almost half of diners in the US have tried a restaurant for the first time, just because of a social media post? That comes right out of a recent report conducted in February 2019 from MGH.

According to the report, social media can have a profound effect on a customer’s decision to dine out. In fact, they even found that 74% of customers “who actively follow and engage with restaurants on social media” are more likely to visit/order food from restaurants.

Restaurant customers are active social media users. According to MGH’s report, out of all diners in the US, 89% are on social media. Not bad. And in case you’re concerned they’re not checking their accounts, MGH also reports that 62% login several times a day.

People actively use social media when deciding where to eat. According to a report from M Booth and Beyond, 49% of people use Facebook to search for places to eat. Facebook is actually incredibly comprehensive with the amount of information you can pack onto your restaurant’s profile. You can show your website, phone number, locations, price range, and more. There’s even a baked-in tab for reviews, giving customers yet another reason to look you up on Facebook.

Setting up social media accounts won’t cost you anything. At the very least, having a minimal social presence is free and relatively easy. Managing your accounts, creating content, and instituting a well-designed social media strategy is where the costs will begin to accrue. But even then, it can be a heck of a lot more affordable than other traditional media you may be using.

It lets you update your customers. Have a new special menu? Want to promote your new Happy Hour deals? How about that fundraiser you’ve scheduled for next week? In the digital world, social media is instrumental in keeping your customers updated on what’s new for restaurants and businesses alike.

It lets customers communicate with you. On the flipside, when customers have questions and concerns about your restaurant, they’ll often flock to social media to voice themselves. Make sure you’re there for them. Social media is an essential part of modern customer service.

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Is your restaurant on social media? Have any tips? Sound off in the comments!