Everybody wants WiFi. Wherever they go, all the time. Even when people go out to eat and drink, they’re don’t just want free WiFi. They’re demanding it!

Here are five reasons why customers want WiFi in your bar or restaurant.

Reason #1: Expensive Data Plans

Unlimited data plans can get rather expensive. And even as the different cell phone carriers compete with their unlimited plans, not everyone has made the jump. For those without an unlimited plans, one of the very first things they’ll do when they arrive at a new establishment (a bar, restaurant, store, literally anywhere), is check for the WiFi.

Reason #2: They want reliable, high-speed Internet

Let’s face it, even if you do have an unlimited data plan, your cellular signal isn’t always reliable where you want it to be. Is your restaurant or bar cursed with poor cell signal? (I’m sure you’ve noticed.) Then WiFi is even more important for your establishment. Fast and secure WiFi can make your customer visits much more pleasant and enjoyable, giving them the reliability they crave.

Reason #3: They want to share on social media

So what are they doing on their phones? Well, they’re checking text messages, emails, playing games, you name it. But most importantly for you, the restaurant or bar owner, is that they’re checking social media. If you’re lucky, they might even be inclined to post about your restaurant. Whether they’re checking-in on Facebook or adding pictures to Instagram, people love to share their dining experiences. While they’re at it, they might even give you a follow.

Reason #4: So they can call Uber/Lyft

Whether they’ve had a few drinks or they’re just not driving, your customers need to get home somehow. Uber and Lyft have become enormously popular in recent years. And you know what they need? Internet access. If the cell signal is even remotely spotty where your bar or restaurant is, your customers could run into problems calling their ride. With a fast WiFi connection, customers can quickly get their ride in order from the comfort of their seat.

Reason #5: They’ve got stuff to do

Sometimes people have a specific reason for coming in to use the WiFi. It can be for any number of reasons. Reasons that don’t just apply to coffee shops.

  • To work. Every now and then you just need a bite to eat while you knock out a few emails.
  • To study. In a college town? Free WiFi and food is a great way to attract students.
  • To browse and more. Streaming Netflix on your phone while you eat? It happens.

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