Loyalty programs look great on paper. Everyone’s doing them. They’re a proven way to increase profits (they have been for many, many years). There are a litany of loyalty program success stories across numerous industries. So why doesn’t your business have one?

Well, if you don’t have one, it’s probably because you’re not sure where to begin. You want one, but you don’t quite know how to execute. There’s a big difference between running a loyalty program, and running a profitable loyalty program. This thing has to make sense from a business perspective, doesn’t it?

Whether you’ve got one already, or you’re setting one up, here are six quick tip to help run a profitable customer loyalty program.

Keep it simple. Signing up for your loyalty program shouldn’t be a difficult prospect. If it’s not easy, then your customers won’t sign up. Running a profitable loyalty program necessitates having a high enough user base to keep it worthwhile. The more simple the process, the better. Just a name and an email or phone number should be enough.

Promote it. People need to know you actually have a loyalty program. Raise awareness so you can attain some growth. Promote your program everywhere you can. Do it in-store, on social media, via emails, and on your website.

Incentivize it. A simple signup helps. Some good promotions will pull in users as well. But it’s the rewards that’ll ultimately get people to join and stay involved. It’s the perks you get for being a loyalty member. It’s the promise of a specific reward when you’ve made enough purchases. Think of your loyalty program’s rewards as gears in a well-oiled machine.

Digitize it. In 2019, physical loyalty program just don’t cut it anymore. Not only should signing up be easy, it should be doable from the comfort of customer smartphones. People are prone to losing and forgetting about hole-punch cards. Smartphones are always on-hand. Digital loyalty programs are easier to engage with, allowing you to text and email your members with new rewards and offers.

Automate it. One of the core benefits of running a digital loyalty program is that you can start to automate things. This makes your life a heck of a lot easier. It’ll almost be like the loyalty program is running itself! Automate birthday messages, rewards, alerts, and more to keep your program working when you’re not even thinking about it.

Get the most out of it. Loyalty programs aren’t just for your customers. They’re for you as well. A loyalty program isn’t just a giveaway program. When designed right, it’s going to maintain profitability. Use your loyalty program to collect valuable customer data to help plan marketing campaigns and refine services. Incentivize increased spending with rewards. Make the program work for you.

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