Keeping your customers consistently engaged is a constant challenge for marketers.

What’s so important about customer engagement? Customer engagement is what turns a one-time customer into a repeat customer. According to a report from Adobe, repeat customers represent only 8% of all visitors on average. However, 40% of revenue comes from these customers. Needless to say, you want as many repeat customers as you can get

Want an easy way to keep customers engaged? Try Social WiFi.

What is Social WiFi?

If you’re wondering what Social WiFi is, we won’t leave you hanging.

Social WiFi is essentially an interchangeable term for WiFi Marketing. WiFi Marketing, at its core, is all about making your WiFi to work for you. If you’re offering Free WiFi on-site at your brick-and-mortar business (which you should 100% be doing) you need to be getting the most out of your investment. WiFi Marketing gives you the tools to do just that.

The “Social” aspect of Social WiFi places an emphasis on what WiFi Marketing is seeking to accomplish. In exchange for access to your business’s Wireless HotSpot, customers opt in to your loyalty program. Additionally, their information is stored for analytics and messaging purposes. This gives your business a direct line of communication to the customer’s mobile device.

With Social WiFi, you’re gaining a platform for both on-site and off-site digital engagement.

How does it improve engagement?

Social WiFi can keep customers engaged in a large variety of ways.

Once the customer has successfully logged in, they’ll arrive at a custom landing page. From there, you can promote active sales, your social media page, events, and more. It’s an extra layer of engagement that keeps customers thinking about your business, even when they’ve turned their attention to to their phones.

Because Social WiFi sets you up with analytics and data regarding each individual customer, you’re positioned to create highly-targeted campaigns. The more you know about the customer, the more relevant the campaign. The more relevant the campaign, the more likely it is to succeed.

Once you’ve reeled the customer into your loyalty program (automatically!), you can engage them via SMS and Email wherever, whenever. Need to promote an event your planning? Blast an email out to customers you think might be interested. Have a sale starting this weekend? Send a quick text reminding customers to stop by. Keep them involved with your business by incentivizing them with consistent rewards, offers, and more.

You can even automate your marketing based on specific triggers. Create entire text marketing campaigns months in advance. Send automated messages to customers based on the time of their visit, the number of visits, or even the day they’re visiting on.

How do I get started?

I’m glad you asked!

If you want the best in Social WiFi, look no further than CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our service reaches your customers on the devices that they use most. Every single Social WiFi feature I’ve outlined today is a part of CoGoBuzz. Our service is easy to use, intuitive, and affordable!

Whether in-store or out, CoGoBuzz is designed from-the-ground-up to provide the customer engagement that your business is looking for. Our service redefines your mobile experience, delivering in-store engagement through free, fast, and secure WiFi. Thanks to automatic data capture, we’ll set you up with valuable customer profiles that include Name, Profile Photo, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday, Interests, Facebook Profile information & Visit based information such as Frequency of visits, dwell time, day of the week visited, events attended, and more!

Check out the rest of our website to learn more!

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