Is it getting hot in here or what?

Yes, summer is just about to start. And a new season means brand new marketing potential for your restaurant.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Read ahead for some summer marketing ideas to get your restaurant through the season.

Sizzlin’ Summer Specials. Introducing seasonal specials to your restaurant is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back all year long. From fresh fruits to BBQ burgers, there’s plenty of options to choose from for your menu. For inspiration, head over to Midwest Living and check out their list of 4t5 summer recipes to try out.

Oh, and don’t forget drinks. With the heat of summer, there’s nothing more appealing than a cool drink to help cool off. If there’s ever a time of year to put some effort into your cocktail menu, now is the time. Courtesy of Delish, here’s 59 Summer Cocktails to help refresh your customers.

Summer Events. Summer is also a great time to host the occasional restaurant event.

Have outdoor seating? Great! People like to be outside during the summer. Bring in some outdoor entertainment and get the word out that you’re holding an event. Hire a band, hold a fundraiser, or even host a cooking class with one of your chefs.

Make sure you hit the holidays. Fourth of July is obviously the big one, but don’t miss out on many of the other unique “National Days” that go on over the summer. From National Egg Day to National Martini Day, there’s plenty to take advantage of. (Check out a full list of days over at National Day Calendar.)

Vacation Goers. Is your restaurant in a popular tourist destination? Be sure to ramp up your tourist marketing during the summer months. According to Namely, people take the longest vacations during the summer months. Partner with hotel concierge and promote your restaurant at places tourists tend to frequent such as bus stops, attractions, and airports.

Romantic Engagements. Summertime means love is in the air! (This might have something to do with wedding season… Just a hunch.) Namely again tells us that summer is indeed the most romantic season. So naturally, it’s up to your restaurant to capitalize. Try attracting couples with special meals designed for two. Sweeten the deal with candles, flowers, wine, and maybe even chocolates too.

Summer Digital Marketing With CoGoBuzz

Whether you’re announcing your new sizzlin’ specials, getting the word out on your Fourth of July cookout, or even promoting your romantic couple’s night out package, CoGoBuzz is the best way to nail your restaurants marketing plans all summer long. Thanks to powerful WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, our incredible digital service promotes your restaurant both in-store and out.

Leveraging your in-store HotSpot, CoGoBuzz displays an interactive landing page on your customers’ mobile devices. There, you can show off your summer menu, events, and more! Through SMS, customers can enroll in your brand new text-based loyalty program. Instantly let them know when you’re adding a new special to the menu!

Check out the rest of our site to learn more about CoGoBuzz!

What promotions does your restaurant run over the summer? Sound off in the comments!