Welcome to 2019, where digital communication is more important than ever.

That’s right, I’m talking about social media, text messages, emails and more. There’s more lines of digital communication going around than ever. And it’s crucially significant to your business’s customer relationships. These days, people are glued to their smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s hard to get their attention any other way!

Let’s break down why digital communication is so important for your business.

What’s the point of communicating in the first place? As I mentioned, communication is an essential part of forming a relationship with your customers. Creating a dialogue between brand and customer helps foster a sustainable, successful business over the long-term.

Want to keep your customers informed on all your latest sales, events, and more? Want to provide valuable support to keep them satisfied with your brand? You need to communicate!

What are the benefits of digital communication?

There’s quite a lot actually. Here’s four of the largest benefits.

  • More loyal customers. It’s hard to create a loyal customer with minimal communication. Loyalty is formed by creating positive brand interactions over a long period of time.
  • Improved word-of-mouth. Building a relationship with the customer keeps your brand on their mind. The more they’re thinking about you, the more they’re going to spread the word about you.
  • A better brand image. By communicating more effectively, you’re making your brand more available to the customer. Communication gives your brand a personality.
  • A better understanding of the customer. Learning about your customers is crucial to your business’s growth. Planning marketing campaigns is infinitely easier when you have a better understanding of the customer.

Where are the best places to communicate digitally?

  • Social Media. With the advent of social media, interacting with your fanbase has never been easier. It’s one of the best ways to not just keep your customers informed, but to also engage them with relevant content (e.g. blog posts, video, and even memes).
  • Your Website. It’s important to keep your website updated. Many customers will visit your site seeking service through FAQs, chatbots, and service forms. Others will come looking for important details such as news, sales, business addresses, hours, etc.
  • SMS and Email. Texting and email are great methods for engaging with your most loyal customers. Flash texts can help promote a surprise sale you’ve just started, whereas email is an awesome way to keep customers updated with newsletters.

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How does your business digitally communicate? Let us know in the comments!