Loyalty is incredibly important. And profitable too! According to Deloitte, a customer retention rate increase of only 5% can cause profits to surge at least 25% and as high as 95%.

So, what can your brand do to improve customer loyalty? Here are five ways.

Provide excellent customer service. Excellent customer service experiences are what bring people back over and over again. By making providing better service, you’re ensuring that the customer has the best experience possible, even when they have an issue with an item, are seeking a return, or want to actively complain. If the customer comes in with a complaint, and walks away satisfied because their issue was completely resolved, they’re not going to be thinking about the negative. They’ll be thinking about how great the experience was.

Engage your followers on social media. A positive brand engagement on social media can actually make someone’s day. For example, I’ll never forget the day I sent a Tweet to Amazon with a picture of my cat sitting in one of the opened cardboard boxes lying around my house. Imagine my surprise when their account actually responded with a witty comment! It was a simple moment, but it exemplifies how easy a quick engagement can help build loyalty.

Be authentically transparent. Authenticity is infectious. And customers prefer brands that exhibit transparency with their products and services. They want to be assured your brand is trustworthy. Just think, would you ever be loyal to something that you couldn’t trust? According to a study from Label Insights, 73% of consumers will pay more for products promising complete transparency. Additionally, they learned that 94% are more likely to develop brand loyalty when the brand in question has committed to complete transparency. Be authentic about where your products are produced, your workplace practices, and other issues your customers care about.

Respond to feedback. And actually make changes when your customers demand it. Analyzing and responding to negative reviews, social media criticism, and other complaints demonstrate that your brand actively cares about improving itself. It shows that your brand cares about the customer experience.

Make your loyalty program accessible. A loyalty program may single-handedly be the best way to efficiently foster loyalty. But not all loyalty programs are created equal. And if you want your loyalty program to be a success, it needs to be accessible. That means, signing up for your loyalty program should be a painless process. Ideally, the customer only needs to provide their name and an email or phone number. If your program is too difficult to sign up for? A lot of people might just not bother.

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What has your brand done to boost loyalty? Sound off in the comments!