Families are a big market for restaurants. But they can be hard to pin down. Appealing to families is more than just having a great kids’ menu. You have to appeal to the parents too.

Want to attract more families? CoGoBuzz has got you covered. Powered by advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, CoGoBuzz is designed from-the-ground-up to engage and retain customers at the digital level, both in-store and out. Our service automatically produces full customer profiles for every customer that logs in to your in-store HotSpot. CoGoBuzz also comes loaded with a fully-digital, text-based loyalty program, allowing you to promote Family Night, specials, deals and more with a simple text message!

Interested in learning more about attracting families? Restaurant Business has assembled a list of four new ways to attract them. Check ‘em out at the link below.

4 New Ways To Attract Families To Your Restaurant

For your viewing convenience, here’s all four ways below.

  1. Offer a parents’ night
  2. Create kid-friendly “flights”
  3. Build promotions for sports team celebrations
  4. Expand on social media to gain attention of young families

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