Unless they’re window shopping, people tend to know exactly what they’re looking for when they show up at a business. Obviously, you want them to spend more money. Both how do you encourage them to do that, when they’re just set on buying one thing?

Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to push your customers in the right direction. Read ahead for a few ways your business can encourage multiple purchases.

Impulse Purchases. Impulse is what drives people toward making multiple purchases in the first place. There’s an art to getting customers to buy things on impulse. One of the most common causes stems from FOMO (the fear of missing out). FOMO happens when an item is attractively priced for only a limited-time. It also can happen when an item is only available for a limited period of time at all. These scenarios force customers to act now. Why? Because they don’t want to miss out.

Deals On Multiple Items. The more you buy, the more you save. That’s the mantra of people who buy in bulk. Rather than focus on a customer not wanting to miss out on a deal or an item, this mentality focuses on their spending sensibilities. If a customer is going to end up buying more of the item in question at a future point in time, why shouldn’t they save money for buying it all now? If it’s an item that can be purchased at your competitor’s store, then this is an especially useful tactic to help keep those sales within your business.

Smart Store Layout. Integrating smart store layout can help cause customers to make extra purchases in a variety of ways. In some cases, it can help remind them that they actually do need a specific item. Whether its toilet paper or wine, someone always has something they need to stock up on. If your store uses aisles, you’ll want to take advantage of those end-aisles to improve visibility of certain items and show off sales. Another example of smart store layout is place your deal items toward the front. Even though customers know everything in the store isn’t on sale, it gets them in the mindset that they’re going to find more deals as they explore.

Sample Marketing. Sample marketing is so effective because it demonstrates a product’s value to the customer. It’s the sort of tactic that can shift a customer’s attitude toward a product within seconds. In the moment, it’s incredibly easy to just put one of those products into your shopping cart. Whether it’s cologne, a skin-care product, food, or even a product demonstration, there are no shortage of ways to give sample marketing a go in your business.

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